10 facts about me

I'm a rising junior studying at a top 3 liberal arts college. My favorite subject in high school was History. I've lived in 4 cities and 3 countries, moved a total of 6 times and lived in 8 different homes growing up. My favorite comfort food is Korean soondubu. I have no self-control when it… Continue reading 10 facts about me



A very overdue post on turning eighteen. There comes a day in all of our lives that we must inevitably pass the threshold of adulthood. For me, that day was last week. Eighteen is a bit of an awkward age to be in. To some – high-schoolers, for example - I am a grown-up mature… Continue reading Eighteen

Ruminations at The Witching Hour

A peculiar group of people exists in the world that has a different sleeping routine than the rest of the population. Those who find that the numbers of hours in the day are simply not enough to complete the never ending lists of tasks, start to dig into their stocks of reserves of time, and… Continue reading Ruminations at The Witching Hour