10 facts about me

I'm a rising junior studying at a top 3 liberal arts college. My favorite subject in high school was History. I've lived in 4 cities and 3 countries, moved a total of 6 times and lived in 8 different homes growing up. My favorite comfort food is Korean soondubu. I have no self-control when it… Continue reading 10 facts about me



A very overdue post on turning eighteen. There comes a day in all of our lives that we must inevitably pass the threshold of adulthood. For me, that day was last week. Eighteen is a bit of an awkward age to be in. To some – high-schoolers, for example - I am a grown-up mature… Continue reading Eighteen

On identity

A long-winded rant. When I was little, my favorite Disney sitcom was Hannah Montana. Huddled in the dark basement with a bowl of popcorn, my best friend and I would watch episode after episode. We knew the theme song by heart and would sing along during the opening. “You get the best of both worlds… Continue reading On identity

Unhealthy dependence on stress culture

If you didn’t know by now, I attend Pomona College, a liberal arts college in Southern California known for its laidback atmosphere and friendly students. However, why is it that even in the land of eternal sunshine, warm weather, and cheerful students, I’m still not able to relax? I find myself constantly plagued with guilt.… Continue reading Unhealthy dependence on stress culture